Join Louth Whiskey Society on Thursday, May 23rd, at 7:30 pm, in Russells Saloon, as we embark on an exploration of Waterford Distillery and the concept of terroir in whisky. Terroir, a term traditionally associated with wine, refers to the environmental factors such as soil, climate, and geography that impart unique characteristics to agricultural products. In the context of whisky, terroir encompasses how the local environment influences every step of the production process, from the cultivation of barley to the maturation of the spirit.
During this event, Brand Ambassador Adrian Zganiacz will guide us through six expressions, delving into how the distinctive qualities of the land, the specific barley varieties grown, the nuances of fermentation, and the meticulous process of slow distillation all play a role in shaping the flavor profile of Waterford whisky. We'll learn how the combination of these elements results in whiskies that reflect the true essence of their place of origin, capturing the essence of the Irish landscape in every sip.